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Boxing, martial arts, yoga and some types of dance help individuals to be present in their body and channel their energy through breath and focused movement. Feeling one's inner energy apart from internal scripts stemming from fear or judgment, helps to increase a person's feelings of personal power and allows for the release of stored emotion from the body.  As the individual has more opportunities to feel reconnected to self, their awareness of their inner life is heightened. Gains in feelings of self control, personal power and self mastery have the added benefit of increasing feelings of self worth and self esteem. This often translates into shifts in self awareness in a way that then empowers many to improve their communication styles and to make important life changes.





My intention is to provide a holistic approach to personal training, so that my clients will not only attain their personal fitness goals, but will also begin to joyfully bring forth their highest vision of living meaningfully. Focusing and specializing in movement therapy, I provide Thai Boxing sessions to individuals who are coping with PTSD, disempowered as a result of trauma, domestic violence or addiction.  Sessions are especially beneficial to anyone in transition, for those suffering from stress related conditions and for teens and adults who struggle to stay 'present'.  Sessions will help you to increase your focus so that you'll experience more grounded time apart from the thought world. Instruction is provided to most fitness levels and each session is tailored to the individual's needs. Trauma informed instruction.

Services include: Personal basic boxing instruction, personal training, empowerment and life coaching. Weekly group sessions, private small groups of three or more may be scheduled at studio, community or home based locations. Community Programs: Providing trauma informed services to at risk populations, teen empowerment and leadership training, one time introductory or ongoing series for service providers and educators. Sessions in Western Massachusetts; Greenfield, Orange, Deerfield, Turners Falls, Amherst, Shelburne Falls and Vicinity. Additional locations considered with a travel stipend. 
One time empowerment sessions offered pro bono to anyone utilizing women's transitional services at an agreed upon location.
Individual advocacy on a case by case basis.

Focused Movement

A variety of activities are available for individuals to experience the benefits (mind, body & spirit) of focused Movements. 

Empowerment & Healing Through


Personal Training

Personal training services are offered in and around Greenfield, Ma at the starting rate of $60 per hour. Extended sessions with coaching $75

Small Group Sessions
Ongoing Classes
(see link for schedule)

Groups of three or more may schedule private small group sessions at a rate of $15 per person per session. A small travel stipend will apply to groups scheduled outside of a half hour radius of Greenfield Ma. Please inquire about special rates for multiple classes or for groups larger than 8.

Classes run for approximately 75-90 minutes at the

$15 per class rate.