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For over 20 years, I have been a coach, counselor, educator and advocate in many varied positions. From my earliest collegiate academic pursuits, I had a passion for both social psychology and behavioral medicine. I wanted to understand the psychology of individuals as they relate to and are influenced by social groups. Of particular interest,  obedience to authority, altruism and the influence of media, establishments and institutions on individuals beliefs about gender, minorities or anyone deemed 'different' than the dominant group. In the area of behavioral medicine, I immediately loved the idea of being able to have control over my own physiology. It felt empowering to know there are tools for remedying feelings of anxiety.  Over the years, I counseled, coached and advocated for hundreds of survivors of complex trauma while remaining safely disconnected. I functioned very well in my career life, but the truth was that I had my own complex trauma I had never fully dealt with. I kept it hidden and  minimized my history , On so many levels, I knew, that the generalized fear I had ... those sensations that always ran under the surface had become my baseline. I also knew I wanted.. NEEDED to release that energy from my cells. It wasn't until I discovered boxing that I was able to experience myself in a different, less fearful way (maybe for the first time since childhood).  This is what I'm talking about when I write about "reconnection". Be prepared, for when this occurs your senses will be heightened. Healing, as with any modality is not immediate, but it will shift your energy in new ways which are both empowering and liberating. Also, with being more grounded, connected and aware comes a new sensitivity; whereby, your empathic valve may be turned on high. So don't let anyone tell you there is no crying in boxing.


If you thought you'd come to train to brag to your friends about being a boxing badass or if you wanted a trainer to make you skinner or to work solely on body parts you can still come, but you're gonna get something much more valuable. On a side note, anyone will benefit from what I describe as 'reconnection'. With electronics alone, most everyone is checking out and has much to gain from checking back in. Additionally, although what you'll learn does have applicable self defense value, your greatest self defense comes from your own renewed empowered energy.

While participants of Box Your Way Fit are varied in background and in experiences, there are some very common core threads that make the overall group of you homogeneous. That is passion,  an innate sense of justice, a desire to attain greater understanding of your inner lives and an energy that when harnessed with focus, has the capacity and potential for both self transformation and to be a catalyst for greater outward change.